This website enables you to learn the basics of the art of photography, alone or in group, by attending training and courses.

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About the yuyusatsuei club

How you can enjoy this website
  • Look for photos
  • Learn how to take a photo
  • Collect information
  • Attend to trainings
  • Subscription and sharing photos
  • Selling photos

Why this name ? The origin of the club and its meaning

The first time I heard this name was during one of my expeditions in China,
where I shared meals with local people. It’s a coincidence,
but in Japanese and Chinese, it’s exactly the same word, pronounced the same way.
It shows how I enjoy this activity, and the will of sharing it inspires me.

Basics of this website

Photo is a universal language, which doesn’t need words. It’s a meeting between different people coming from different horizons, who enjoy working together.
The aim is to open our minds, to enjoy this wealth.

Personnal training
  • Respect the model, human, animal or vegetal.
  • Do not think about teacher/pupil relation, but sharing and learning from each other.
  • Exchange the information and interesting events
  • Give priority to the feeling rather than the technique
  • Asking question

Using this website

This site was designed to be easy-access.
A publisher helped us to design and collect information for the study page.

Sharing photos and personal gallery

Why subscribing ?
  • You can share photos without having to own a personal space
  • Discount for trainings
  • To avoid misuse of this site or non-suitable photos, we have to check your work, so that it can take a bit longer than expected. Thus, don’t worry if your photos don’t appear immediately on the site.

Why subscribing as a VIP Member ?
  • Free space rental to create your gallery, you can share with the whole world.
  • Your photos can be sold through the company SUNSET based in France.
  • If someone i interested in buying your photos, it would be sold according to the agreement reached with the firm above-cited.

For further information, please read the « Guide » section.

To subscribe, some personal information will be asked, transmitted by SSL protocol. They will be cripted and will neither be coveyed to anyone, nor sold to other firm.
For further detail concerning subscriptions and uploads of files (photos or contracts) , please refer to the « Guide » page.

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